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Home to Internationally Graded Stallions with World Class Bloodlines.


About Fairlight Stud

Fairlight stud was established in 2003 and is based in the Gordano Valley, North Somerset, just outside Bristol. Home to internationally graded stallions with world class bloodlines, we are dedicated to breeding high quality sports horses and ponies. Our mares and specifically picked for their quality and temperament to ensure that the sports horses we produce have both the ability and the attitude needed to excel in the ring.

We provide professional veterinary supported breeding services for both professional and amateur breeders. We provide top quality semen from proven stallions as well as advice to help you with stallion selection for your mare…. whether that be with one of our stallions or not.

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Sports Horse Stud in Somerset and UK 



Sports Horse Stud in Somerset and UK   Sports Horse Stud in Somerset and UK

 Sports Horse Stud in Somerset and UK

Internationally Graded Stallions at Fairlight Stud


Fairlight Stud provides three of the best stallions in the UK, suitable for both professional and amateur breeders.

Sir Shutterfly is a modern, elegant and exceptionally light-footed Hanoverian stallion with a premium pedigree, great power and agility, excellent technique and an ideal bascule, making him the perfect sire for both eventing and showjumping.

Rubicell is a premium Oldenburg stallion, son of the world famous sought after dressage sire Rubinstein. Rubinstein lines feature in many of the top dressage horses in the world today.

Jonkers Metyo is a Dutch graded pony stallion who scored very highly for both performance and temperament achieving 9 for behaviour and being described as “gifted” for his ability as a sports pony.

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Veterinary Packages & AI Services

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 Our Vision

  • AI Services: We work closely with you and your vet to come up with the best plan for getting your mare in foal. We can advise you about what to do with your mare before she is inseminated and on how to order and pay for your semen.
  • Veterinary Care: Veterinary services at Fairlight Stud are provided by the B&W Equine Group. B&W have dedicated Stud Vets who are very experienced in all aspects of semen collection, processing and insemination. 

Our Background

Jo Sholl-Evans is a well known and experienced Chartered Physiotherapist and a category A member of ACPAT. Jo has worked with horses and people for over 30 years and treated some of the top horses and riders in the UK.

The stud is now her main focus and she has retired from practice to concentrate on breeding and producing sports horses and ponies and bringing up her two young daughters.




Broodmare Livery

Alongside the stud, we have spaces in the breeding season for broodmare livery. Your mare and foal will always be well cared for with several members of staff on site at all times and available at all hours. 


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Our Livery & Facilities


Horses and Owners Benefit from:

  • Large, airy stables
  • Turnout in safely fenced paddocks with individual management requirements catered for wherever possible
  • Paddocks to accommodate single horses and small groups
  • 24-hour supervision via both CCTV and direct contact by experienced staff

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We have over 20 acres of turnout on site. Our paddocks have been designed so that horses can be separated into small groups according to the mare’s due date or the age of the foals.

Broodmare clients who are not already clients of B&W Equine Vets Ltd will need to open an account prior to booking mares in for foal here at Fairlight Stud, as all veterinary work is booked to the client’s account for direct payment. 

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Broodmare Livery  Includes:

  • Mucking out, bringing in/ turning out, picking out feet, holding for vet/farrier/dentist
  • All standard hard feed, hay/haylage, straw bedding
  • Feed supplements and specialist feeds are not included but owners may provide their own
  • 24-hour supervision via CCTV at night with hourly monitoring and by staff during the day.

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