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Fairlight Stud provides three of the best stallions in the UK, suitable for both professional and amateur breeders. Breeding is an exciting experience and we aim to provide top quality semen from proven stallions as well as advice to help you with stallion selection for your mare…. whether that be with one of our stallions or not. 


Sports Horse Stud in Bristol and Somerset

  • Hanoverian, Dark Bay
  • Sire / Dam: Silvio I / Famm
  • Year of Birth: 2002
  • Height : 16.1 hands or 165 cm
  • Suitable for: Eventing and Showjumping

Exceptionally elegant full brother to the internationally successful Shutterfly ridden by Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. Sir Shutterfly is a stallion with obvious thoroughbred quality, great power and agility over a fence, excellent technique and an ideal bascule. In addition, his three very elastic gaits making him the perfect sire for both eventing and showjumping.

Stud Fee: £850 + VAT

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Sports Horse Stud in Bristol and Somerset

  • Oldenburg, Black
  • Sire / Dam: Rubinstein I / Tiffany
  • Year of Birth: 1996
  • Height : 16.3 hands or 170 cm
  • Suitable for: Dressage and Eventing

By Rubinstein I out of a Lord Liberty mare, Rubicell won dressage classes at Intermediare I, and went to the European Juniors in 2009. As a 5 and 6 year old Rubicell went to the Bundeschampionat in both jumping and dressage.

Stud Fee: £750 + VAT

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Sports Horse Stud in Bristol and Somerset

  • Dutch Breed Sports Pony, Bay
  • Sire / Dam: Highmead Duty Free / Janet 
  • Year of Birth: 2000
  • Height : 14.2 hands or 148 cm
  • Suitable for: All Sports and Eventing

Dutch graded pony stallion, 3rd at Addington in the 5 year old Snuggy Hoods National Dressage Pony Championships scoring 70%. At his grading in Holland he scored very highly for both performance and temperament achieving 9 for behaviour and being described as “gifted” for his ability as a sports pony.

Stud Fee: £450 + VAT

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Broodmare and Foal Livery

Alongside the stud, we have spaces in the breeding season for broodmare livery. Your mare and foal will always be well cared for with several members of staff on site at all times and available at all hours.

Breeding Options

We are able to offer three insemination options. Mares can be admitted to the stud, inseminated at our local B&W insemination centres or chilled semen can be sent for insemination of your mare at home.  

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Ordering Semen

Fairlight Stud offers a quality service to all clients and will work closely with you and your vet to come up with the best plan for getting your mare in foal. We can advise you about what to do with your mare before she is inseminated and on how to order and pay for your semen.


What will happen

During the breeding season, your vet will scan your mare to establish where she is in her cycle. The scan shows if your mare is in season by establishing the presence of uterine oedema and the size of any developing follicle or follicles on her ovaries. These follicles are measured and the size indicates how close your mare might be to ovulating. An experienced vet will tell you if the cycle looks normal and if it’s possible to proceed with the AI. The follicles are usually around 38mm at the point you will need to order the semen. We advise clients to discuss package prices with their vet prior to the start of the breeding season as this can reduce your costs. We also strongly advise clients to have their mare scanned after AI to confirm that she has ovulated. If she has not, it might mean you need to order more semen for the same cycle.


Things to consider - delivery

When ordering semen there are a few points to consider:... where is the mare going to be inseminated, who is going to do it and when do you need it. We usually send out chilled, extended semen in lightweight containers, which are guaranteed to arrive by 9am the following morning. We also include additional insurance of £1000 consequential loss. This means that should your semen not arrive on the day and you miss that cycle, you are in a position to claim against the post office for the veterinary and other expenses incurred as a consequence of their failure to deliver on time. You are welcome to drive to us and collect your semen order if you suddenly find your mare is progressing very quickly and you need her to be inseminated the same. Frozen semen is available for all our stallions from Tullis Matson at Stallion AI Services. All our stallions have exceptionally good quality semen and as a result, we have an excellent pregnancy rate each season.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us on
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 Sports Horse Stud in Bristol and Somerset

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