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Your Mare & Foal are our Priority

The veterinary management of your mare is a crucial component of her pregnancy process. Veterinary services at Fairlight Stud are provided by the B&W Equine Group. We are able to offer three insemination options.

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Mares can be admitted to the stud, inseminated at our local B&W insemination centres or chilled semen can be sent for insemination of your mare at home.  B&W have dedicated Stud Vets who are very experienced in all aspects of semen collection, processing and insemination.

Health tests
Mares visiting Fairlight Stud or the B&W insemination centres require routine HBLB venereal and infectious disease screening tests before admission. It is in all owners interest that mares have been confirmed disease free before joining other mares at the stud. All our stallions have been HBLB tested for venereal diseases. Mares will require a clitoral swab, an EVA blood test and a strangles blood test prior to admission.

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Vetrinary Packages

We offer a choice of either Single Cycle, or Three Cycle Packages with the support of B&W's Dedicated Stud Team. B&W have dedicated Stud Vets who are very experienced in all aspects of semen collection, processing and insemination.

B&W Stud and Reproduction Services were established in 1989 at the Willesley Equine Clinic. Willesley have been instrumental in the development of equine Artificial Insemination in the UK over the last 25 years.


 Insemination Options



At Fairlight

Insemination at Fairlight Stud - Mares are inseminated with fresh semen. Careful gynecological management of by our vets ensures optimal pregnancy rates. Insemination timing and pregnancy confirmation are determined by ultrasound examination. We recommend the insemination package fees offered by B&W as they provide an all in fee figure for the insemination process. There is the option of a single cycle insemination package or a three cycle insemination package. Mare owners not wishing to use one of the package options will be charged for individual veterinary procedures by B&W.

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At B&W

Insemination at B&W insemination Centres - Mares are admitted to the B&W Willesley Stud or the B&W Failand clinic. They are inseminated with fresh semen collected within 1 hour of use. The same single cycle insemination package or three cycle insemination packages provided by B&W are available. Having mares on site allows the stud vets to have careful control of the insemination process. B&W have achieved excellent pregnancy rates in mares that have had a previously poor breeding history through careful monitoring and treatment pre and post-insemination.

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At Home

Insemination at Home - Chilled semen can be collected and delivered overnight for insemination of your mare at home. All semen collections are performed under the supervision of the B&W vets ensuring consistency in quality of supply. Communication between you or your vet and us is crucial for a successful outcome. Please let us know as soon as she starts the cycle on which you plan to inseminate her. We need confirmation of an order 24 hours in advance of the collection day or 48 hours in advance of the insemination day. The cost of a semen collection is £75 for fresh and £95 for chilled. Shipping is charged at cost.

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